Think of your Dream Wedding as a

show that's playing for one night only!

Do you imagine something contemporary mixed with laughter and surprises or perhaps a more traditional ceremony, but with a modern twist?

Are there two 'leading players' or will your

family and friends play supporting roles?

How will you make your entrance?

Perhaps you'll both make an entrance?

Regardless, it's your Wedding Day

and you're the Stars of the Show.

The ceremonies I create and conduct

are centred around your beliefs and values.

I will spend time getting to know you

individually and as 'nearly-weds'. 

I will learn about your shared interests, quirks, funny stories and hopes for the future.

I can't wait to script your love story and produce a meaningful celebration that will  inspire a standing ovation and earn



Alison is committed to working to

the highest of standards and prides

herself on establishing and maintaining respectful professional relationships,

not only with clients but with her industry professionals and suppliers. 

Alison provides her services with the

utmost discretion and sensitivity,

valuing the privacy of her clients 

and their guests at all times.

Alison has an Enhanced DBS Certificate.

Certificate available on request.


Let's Do This!


Meet You

"Woo hoooooo.

I'm your Wedding Celebrant. 

Let's do this!"

In line with the bespoke package you have chosen, I will take you step by step through the various stages of planning your wedding ceremony, offering as little or as much guidance as required.

We'll set up our own Whatsapp

chat where you can share ideas and thoughts as they arise. 

You may even wish to arrange a surprise for your fiancé?

I'm right beside you

 from the day we meet 'til you turn to each other and declare

"I Do."

Champion You


I'm your biggest fan.

Your ally. Your champion.

Your Super Celebrant!

I am super passionate about

celebrating your choices.

Starting with a blank page,

I will actively listen to your

wishes and desires, write a ceremony that will melt hearts,

induce tears, make people laugh and totally capture the essence of you

We can discuss symbolic rituals to enhance your wedding, music, poetry and surprise elements.

Hire a soloist to perform your favourite song as you make the  all important "entrance"?

Dream big! 

Marry You


The key is in the preparation!

Nothing is left to chance.

We've got this!!!

I will not only be confident in my ability to stand before your friends and family, but I will ensure that those contributing on the day feel supported also.

I will work alongside your wedding planner and appointed professionals to ensure that your vision becomes a reality.

Open your eyes, deep breath,

your special day is finally here.

Time to get your shoes on!

Everyone is waiting.

C'mon ...

"Are you Ready?"

"I Think I Wanna Marry You"


Music by

Ali & James



Ali created a very special and beautiful service for us.

Our union as a couple felt complete.

A very big thank you to this incredible woman.

Anna & Russell Turner - Brighton

Commitment Ceremonies

Without  the Legalities

If a legal marriage is not something you feel the need to enter into,

that should not diminish the

love and connection you share nor the heartfelt commitment you wish to make to each other.

I will create a ceremony that is as unique as the promises you wish

to make to each other,

honouring and wholeheartedly celebrating your union in the presence of those closest to you.


Renewal of Vows

Longevity is worth celebrating.

Many married couples wish to renew their vows,  reaffirming their ongoing commitment to each other in a unique and personalised ceremony

surrounded by those closest to them.

I will offer as much or as little advice as needed.

I will document the journey you have shared

over the years and weave the story of your lives together into a precious and meaningful ceremony.

From a casual ceremony at home in your garden

to a venue of your choosing. 

I am affiliated with several preferred venues

who like me, are focused on providing exceptional

service to their clients.  

Ask Alison.

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