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Bespoke Funeral Services
A Living Eulogy

A Living Eulogy

You Have Choices!

What do your next of kin know about your early life and the experiences that have shaped you into the person you are today?

Sadly, I often meet with families who know very little

of their loved one's early life and childhood memories.

I can work with you and help you create a 'living eulogy'

documenting your life and achievements from birth to present day.

This takes more of a 'document' form, but depending on circumstances, can also be created for delivery.

A 'Living Eulogy' is NOT a legal document. 

It is simply your story; something to share with your next of kin

or to leave in safekeeping with the executor of your will.

Alison can also assist you in clearly documenting

any additional wishes you may have for your funeral

such as music choices, readings and other elements.

"It's hard to talk to those you love 

about dying."

It is quite common for people to have a pre-paid funeral plan,  

but don't deal with the aspects of their funeral service

that will make it personal to them. 

Create A Good Funeral

It can be liberating, even empowering,

to feel so in control of the creative aspects of your own funeral.

Not only can it be fun, yes actually fun, to make these decisions,

but it can leave you with peace of mind to know that

your family are well taken care of and you are left with

an appreciation for the life you are still living.

Email me for more information

My Day.  My Way!

Music and Video Editing

Media editing
Studio Microphone
Bespoke Tracks

There are times when

creating the music for funerals requires extra attention and care.

Sometimes, the family wish

to play a small excerpt of a song,

a medley of several songs, or

perhaps they have something on 'vinyl' that needs converting.

Alison is adept at music editing 

and can ensure that all of your

music needs are cared for.


Visual Tributes

Crematoriums in the UK offer 

the facility to include professional

photo tributes within the ceremony.

The service is limited and also

comes at a premium.

I create bespoke Visual Tributes

to order, which can contain

video footage as well as photos.

Even if I am not acting as celebrant,

If you require assistance with your

visual tribute, get in touch.


Orders of Service

Your Funeral Director may offer to design your Order of Service.

On request, they will show you examples of the service they provide and advise you on what content they need to print the booklet for you.

In addition to acting as celebrant,

Alison offers a design service to her families, providing a digital copy

for friends and family who are

unable to attend on the day.


Alison Funeral Singer

Funeral Vocalist

In Service

As I've been a professional singer for nearly 40 years,

I am often asked to sing at funerals that I'm officiating. 

If it is not appropriate for me to have additional 'presence' 

as a funeral vocalist, I can recommend someone else for you.

Singing at a funeral is not for everybody

and it is certainly not a "performance".

It requires a certain strength & fortitude 

to stand before a congregation in their time of grief.

My voice is an extension of my service and of my spirit.

Raised in the church by two parents with beautiful voices,

I believe that live singing at a funeral offers such healing.

Should I accept a request to sing, I will offer my voice to you,

with a genuine heart and the greatest of humility.

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