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Wows & Vows

When it comes to your Wedding Day, there are so many ways to WOW your guests and to surprise each other also. 

Have your 'first dance' choreographed to perfection.

Plan a Flash Mob with your wedding 'party'.

Surprise canine ring bearer???

Write a love poem and surprise your fiancé mid-service.

You could even sing .. now, that would be a showstopper!

You are limited only by your imagination.


Alison is an experienced speaker & vocal coach.  

She has a team of creatives on hand to work with you

to ensure your performance is rehearsed to perfection.

She'll give you the confidence to give your guests

an unforgettable experience.

Everyone Loves Surprises.

Email me for more information


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Music and Video Services

Sheet Music
Bespoke Tracks

There are times when the music you choose requires extra attention and care. Often, it just isn't sufficient to press stop or fade tracks in and out. 


Perhaps you have something on 'vinyl' that needs converting to digital or would like a bespoke medley of your favourite songs.

Alison is adept at music editing 

and can edit all of your music so that everything sounds perfect.


Visual Tributes

Create a unique photo slideshow to document your love story. 

This can be played during the ceremony or afterwards at the reception.


Alison is able to take your favourite photos / videos and create a highly personalised 'tribute' set to your favourite love song.

Ask Alison for more information.


Recording Studio
Record a Track

Alison is affiliated with various recording studios in the UK.

If there is a special song you would like to record as a surprise for your fiancé or for perhaps both of you to record for your guests, Alison has various packages available.

Professionally mixed and presented as an MP4, you'll also have the option to shoot a fun video clip to go with it.


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