(NOCN) Level 3 Diploma

in Funeral Celebrancy (RQF).

(NOCN) Level 4 Award in 

Creating and Conducting

Children & Baby Funerals.

 Alison has adopted

The Celebrant Accord.

This defines the attributes & skills required of an excellent funeral celebrant and

is intended to set the standards by which all celebrants offering funeral services should be measured.

Alison has 5star reviews on

The Celebrant Directory.


Alison is a full member of 

The Assoc. of Independent Celebrants and a supporter of 

The Good Funeral Guild and 

The Natural Death Centre.

Alison fundraises for

The Child Funeral Charity.

She is passionate about supporting families in making informed

choices when planning

a funeral service.

Book Alison as your Funeral Celebrant?

Planning the Service. 

Initially, I will reach out and introduce myself to you and arrange a convenient time to meet.


I will explain the process of 

creating a service and give as little or as much advice as required.

I will document the life of the person who has died, write a befitting eulogy for your approval and weave your wishes and beliefs into a highly-personalised 

and meaningful funeral ceremony.

I will ensure that

family and friends who wish to contribute feel supported.

I can step in, should the need arise.

I will facilitate your choice of music

and discuss any symbolic rituals

that may enhance the service.

A Good Funeral

A civil ceremony is typically not a

religious ceremony.   However ...

unlike a humanist ceremony,

I am able to include religious content.

Post Covid?  I'll even lead the hymns.

The ceremonies I create are infused with love, great care and genuine emotion.

The content is completely your choice.

That's why I LOVE a Civil Ceremony.

In a culture that says away from speaking about death, I can inform you of choices you may be unaware of.

There are no 'rights or wrongs'.

Only what is right for your family.

I'm here to serve you.

I also offer a range of

bespoke services to my families.

On the Day.

Meticulous in my planning 

I work directly with you or 

alongside your funeral director

to ensure that every last detail

of the ceremony is executed perfectly. 

I always go the extra mile to

assure that  you feel in safe hands.

Following the service, I will create

a keepsake copy of the ceremony.  

I will also email you a pdf copy to

share with family and friends.

Being an excellent celebrant is 

having the ability to actively

listen to my family and adjust the service I offer to best facilitate 

their needs leading up to

and on the day.



I want Alison to do

MY funeral

Daley Family - London



A Celebration of Life

Throughout 2020, as a result of the pandemic,

funerals have been limited to small congregations.

A memorial provides the opportunity to arrange

a more elaborate celebration of life.

And ... won't it be nice to hug one another?

When celebrating the life of a person

who had a significant presence within their community, such as a school teacher, college professor or a celebrity, a more elaborate celebration may be appropriate, in order to cater for a larger group of people. 

Alison can help you make all the  necessary arrangements, offering as much or as little guidance as needed. She can conduct the entire service

or act more as a Master of Ceremonies being the thread that weaves the personal contributions of family and friends together.


Scattering of Ashes

What are my options?

"They’re more than just ashes

and they deserve a fitting destination."

The Good Funeral Guide

When the person you've loved and lost is cremated, some miss the opportunity of having a place of significance to visit and reconnect with that person.

There are so many choices available to you and each is a highly personal one that can be discussed with close family members.

It is common to have widely differing views on the subject.

It is possible to have ashes made into a pendant or wind chime. 

Your choices are as wide & as varied as your imagination allows.

When the time is right, I can help you create a brief ceremony to acknowledge this part of your journey. It is often a comfort to have the celebrant who conducted  the funeral to be beside you at this final farewell.

I created a brief ceremony at this beautiful location and laid the ashes into the water, where they were taken out to sea, along with the flowers that were scattered with love.

Ask Alison

Baby and Children Funerals

"I cannot imagine your pain."

. . . because I am not walking in your shoes.

What I can do is offer you my heart, my empathy

and a promise to support you through the process

of arranging a meaningful funeral ceremony for your child.


Working closely with bereaved parents is a role I am

particularly passionate about.  I have achieved an additional qualification in this delicate area of celebrancy. 

(NOCN) Level 4 Diploma in Baby & Children Funerals (RVQ).

I will be present to gently guide and support

you in making choices that serve your family,

dedicated to writing and conducting a ceremony

that I hope, will provide some small comfort

and a safe place for you to acknowledge your grief.

There are several relevant organisations 

I can to recommend to families who have

suffered a bereavement of this nature.

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