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"When you can't be there, I can be there for you."

Alison Ann

Nothing replaces the privilege of being able to attend a funeral service.

A VIRTUAL CANDLELIGHT SERVICE serves as a creative alternative 

that assists families immediately following the loss of a loved one.

The ritual of lighting a candle pays tribute to a life 'passed',

promotes reflection and signifies remembrance.


As always, Alison will work alongside the family to create a highly personalised service that

will reflect the beliefs and wishes of the person who has died.

Guidelines are changing weekly, but in line with social distancing regulations,

all communication with family will be via telephone or a video platform such as Zoom.

There are numerous ways in which family and friends can contribute to the service, including

  • a slideshow of photographs set to music  

  • a video of a friend / family member presenting the eulogy

  • video of a reading / poetry or other tributes


Once the service is approved by the family, Alison will record and produce a video of the service, 

a link to which will be shared with family and friends and watched on a day and time of the family's choosing. 

During the service, Alison will instigate the lighting of a candle.

Each person 'attending' the Virtual Candlelight Service would also light a candle to acknowledge 

the life of the person who has died and watch the service in the comfort of their own home.

This service is not only vital for adults but also for children who may find it

difficult to understand a loss of an older relative, when they've not been able to see them.

Personal circumstances are incorporated into the writing of the service

to facilitate each family's individual needs.

Alison can also offer her families a digital Order of Service, which can be emailed through as a PDF.

Should the family wish to arrange a scattering of ashes service or a memorial at a later date,

Alison will be available to further support the family.

Please telephone me on the below number, via the contact page

or pass on my details to your appointed funeral director.

Amidst the Covid pandemic, should funeral services not be taking place

I hope that I can be of service to you. 

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