Leading up to the day

Alison will meet with you to explain the process of creating a service and give as little or

as much advice as needed.

Alison will document the life of your family member or friend, produce a befitting eulogy for your approval and weave the family's wishes into a personal and befitting service.

Your service. Your way.

 Whether you require a

traditional or modern funeral,

Alison will help you bring the various components together to create a meaningful tribute.

  You may wish to have a

woodland burial or an intimate service at home.

There are no 'rights or wrongs'.

Only what is right for your family.

On the day

Alison will work closely with your funeral director to guarantee that everything goes smoothly.

She will ensure that those

contributing to the service are

supported on the day.

You'll be in safe hands.

After the service, Alison will forward a printed copy of the service for your keeping.



A Celebration of Life

When celebrating the life of someone who had a significant

presence within their community, such as a school teacher, college professor or a celebrity,

a more elaborate celebration may be appropriate, in order to cater for a larger group of people. 

Alison can help you make all necessary arrangements. 


A Helping Hand

You may wish to scatter the ashes on a mountain top or have them made into a pendant or wind chime. 

Your choices are as wide as your imagination.

They’re more than just ashes and they deserve

a fitting destination.

Ask Alison

Continuity of Service

"It is always a privilege to walk with my families on the final part of this important journey."


When the time is right,

Alison can help you create

a ritual/service to acknowledge

this part of your journey.

It is often a comfort to have

the celebrant who conducted

the funeral to be beside you

at this final farewell.



I can't imagine what you're feeling.
But I'm here to support you.

Alison has currently completing her Level 4

qualification in Baby & Children Funerals.

Working closely with bereaved parents is something

she is particularly passionate about.

Alison guide and support parents in  making choices that will help them shape a meaningful and highly personal service. 

Please email Alison



Your Story.  Your Way.  Today.
Your Story.  Your Way.  Today.

What do your next of kin know about your early life 

and the experiences that have shaped you into the person you are today?

Alison can sit with you and help you create a 'living eulogy' from birth to present day.

This can take more of a 'document' form or can be created for delivery.

A 'Living Eulogy' is NOT a legal document. 

It is simply your story; something to share with your next of kin

or to leave in safekeeping with the executor of your will.

Alison can also assist you in clearly documenting any additional wishes

you may have for your funeral such as music choices, readings and other funeral choices.

It's hard to talk to loved ones about death.

It is not uncommon for people to pay for their funeral in advance,  

but are you comfortable talking to your spouse or family members regarding 

the aspects of your funeral that will make it personal to you. 

You may wish to talk about it, but your family may find it difficult.

Talk to me.

Alison can sit with you and help you document your funeral choices.

It can be liberating, even empowering, to feel so in control of your own service.

It can leave you with a great sense of love and appreciation of the life you are still living.

Email me for more information



For that special member of your family.

"Helping my son through the tragic loss of his pet several years ago,

I understand the healing benefits of a 'ritual' when you lose that special member of your family."

The loss of a pet is so very painful, for children and adults alike.

You may wish to keep your pet's ashes, or scatter them somewhere significant.

The creation of a simple ceremony will allow you to celebrate your pet's life

and facilitate a path for expression of sadness and great healing.  

Email me for more information. 

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