"good funeral gets the dead where they need to go

and the living where they need to be."

Thomas Lynch - Author, Funeral Director

"As each life is unique,

I believe that each funeral should be also."

Alison Ann

What makes a good funeral?

Each of us are different and have our own views about what makes a funeral "good".

A funeral service is not only for the person who has died but for those who are left behind.

It is important that the person arranging the funeral feels in control of the decisions being made

and is given concise and transparent information about the options available to them.

A good celebrant will support you in making decisions that are right for you.

There are so many ways to make a funeral service unique.

Music plays such an important role in setting the tone of the service.

The inclusion of a reading/poem can provide a way for loved ones to contribute to the service.

Including a ritual, such as a balloon release, can be poignant.

The eulogy is the hinge pin.  The rock upon which the service is built. 

The story of someone's life. A celebration of who they are and the legacy they leave behind.

You may wish to write and deliver the eulogy yourself.

Usually, family share their stories with Alison and have her create and deliver the eulogy.

Alison will work with you to create the perfect farewell.


Classical or contemporary,

Alison will help you

find the perfect recorded or

live music to honour the

memory of your loved one.

More info.

Poetry & Readings

Alison has access to a vast

collection of traditional

and modern readings.

She will also support someone taking on the sometimes daunting task of speaking on the day.


There are no set rules 

so you are limited only by your imaginaton.

Alison will help you find the perfect way to say goodbye

... your way.


“As each life is unique, I believe that each funeral should be also.“
Whether you require a traditional ceremony or something more modern,

Alison will produce and deliver a highly personal service, driven by the

wishes, beliefs and values of the person who has died and their family.


“There is no right or wrong when creating a funeral.  There is only what

is right for you and for your family.”

Alison will be there to guide you, from your first meeting until the day of

the funeral, encouraging and supporting you in making individual choices

that will reflect, honour and commemorate the life of your loved one.


“Writing a eulogy is more than just a list of important dates and life achievements. It’s documenting the story of someone’s life in black and white, taking a blank canvas and painting with colour.

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